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Remote Workers Need Better-Than-Average Writing Skills

Whether you and your team are working remotely a couple of days per week or you’re remote all day, every day, you’ve probably found that being remote has made you better at some tasks than you were when you worked in an office. Maybe you’re better at actively...

What to Write When You Must Tell a Customer “No” 

While it’s never easy or much fun to tell a customer “no,” you can write it the wrong way—causing write-backs, harming satisfaction, destroying rapport—or the better way. The better way doesn’t mean saying “yes” or making exceptions for super-persistent customers. The...

How to Write Email Templates That Build Rapport

If you can serve a bakery-bought birthday cake at the party you’re hosting for your mother, you can use email templates for customer service without destroying your relationship with your customers. Yes, the words “template,” “script,” and “form letter,” have...

This 1973-Vintage Feminist Isn’t Giving Up

This is me in 1973 when the Supreme Court handed down the Roe v. Wade decision. I was 13 years old. I'd been menstruating for less than a year. To me, Roe was just another reason to believe grownups were making the US a better place to grow up female. Title IX had...

Email Writing Resources

My articles on email writing: Set the Tone in Email: How You Sat It Is As Important As What You Say Five Email Bad Habits That Make People Dislike You How to Write an “I’m leaving my job” Email That Won’t Burn Bridges Video Interview: How to Improve Email Response...

Join our Plain Language Weekly Club on Clubhouse

On Fridays at 12 pm Eastern, Deborah Bosley, owner of The Plain Language Group, and I are hosting the Plain Language Weekly Club on Clubhouse. Please join us! Our casual, candid conversations include people from all corners of the plain language world: consultants,...

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