E-Mail Customers Love: Your Order Is On Its Way

A nightmare from Christmas past: two days before my family’s holiday gathering, I realized that I hadn’t received the many books and CDs I’d ordered from Amazon. When I called Amazon to check, I found out there was a problem with the order and it hadn’t been shipped. Worse, Amazon told me that I wouldn’t […]

E-Newsletter Metrics from MailerMailer: Opens, Clicks, Bounces, and More

E-mail marketing isn’t dead, and MailerMailer, a web-based email list management service, can prove it.  They’ve just released their semiannual Email Marketing Metrics Report and, as usual, it is full of useful data, charts, and 2008-to-2007 comparisons of e-newsletter performance. If you’re looking for specific, concrete data—open, click, and bounce rates by industry—download this free […]