This “I’ve quit” e-mail has pitch-perfect tone

When this e-mail landed in my inbox, I just had to say “wow.” It’s not easy to send an e-mail to nearly everyone at work explaining that you’re leaving because you’ve gotten a better job in a much warmer and hipper place. Jane Doe’s “I’ve quit” e-mail sets just the right tone, offers just the right amount of information, and shows just the right regard for her replacement.

Shut down by the duck? Read this rejection e-mail from Aflac

Ever wondered what it would be like to receive a brush-off e-mail from a corporation’s animal mascot? Well, wonder no more. Here’s the “no thanks” e-mail a friend’s son received after he tried out to replace the inappropriate Gilbert Gottfried as the Aflac Duck. From the desk of The Aflac Duck Dear Friend, I want […]

“Thank you for your message; however, I’m not going to read it.”

This out-of-office e-mail landed in my inbox a few days ago. I don't know "Bob" personally; he's a member of a Yahoo! group I follow. (To preserve privacy, I have changed all identifying info in the e-mail.) I think Bob's e-mail is one of a kind, and I've been following the out-of-office genre for a […]

The Ewww Factor: PayPal’s Too-Friendly Customer Service E-Mail

Am I a hypocrite or a grouch? I’ve spent many years exhorting customer service staff to write friendly, upbeat e-mails to customers. Using a friendly tone builds rapport and reduces customer angst. But the customer service e-mail I received from PayPal is so friendly, it’s actually giving me the creeps. Here’s what I wrote: Subject:  […]