Wikipedia: A Bold Experiment in Community

I’m a big fan of collaborative writing. So no wonder I found Andrew Lih’s book about the world’s largest collaborative writing project fascinating: The Wikipedia Revolution: How a Bunch of Nobodies Created the World’s Greatest Encyclopedia. Wikipedia is often my first read when I need a quick explanation or overview of a topic. I knew […]

Are Hyphens Obsolete?

You probably don’t think about hyphens until they cause trouble. For example, here’s the work description I recently got from a landscaper:relay flagstone. The absence of a hyphen completely changed the meaning from laying again (re-lay) to passing something along to a person (as in relay race). There’s this classic: “I resent the e-mail” rather […]

The Best of. . . Writing Tips for 2009 That Are Really Useful

It’s tempting to start the new year with a writing resolutions blog (write more, procrastinate less) or the evergreen Writing Tips for the New Year.  But even better is not having to write a top tips blog because it’s already been written. John Roach solicited tips from top writers  to compile his 2009 list for […]

Grammar Girl Podcasts: Grammar Made Fun

Fun is not a word you normally associate with grammar. More frequent associations are root canal and hostage.But Grammar Girl’s podcasts Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing address grammar and usage issues in a clear, breezy—and yes fun—way. Each episode is 2 to 10 minutes of easy listening, long enough to explain the topic […]