How We Customize Courses

Need customized writing training?

Our writing courses are never “off the shelf”…
…Unless the shelf is in your office, and you’ve just pulled important materials off it to share with us, so we can create customized training for you!

Our writing courses are authentic, meaningful, and useful, so we always customize the curriculum for our virtual or onsite trainings. Here’s how we do it:

  • Interview you to understand your objectives for the training. Which writing skills do you want participants to gain or improve?
  • Review writing samples. We’ll read as much as you’ll share with us! We want to see what course participants write to understand how they could improve.
  • Incorporate your Style Guide into the training. We’ll use your company’s Editorial Style Guide or Brand Voice Guide in our writing course, so our training will match what employees are expected to do every day.
  • Use your organization’s writing samples in the course materials. We want participants to see the course materials and think, “Yes, this writing training does apply to me,” so we’ll include familiar samples in the course manual.
  • Create job aids. Learning doesn’t stop when the training concludes, so we’ll create leave-behind job aids to help your employees become better writers.

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