Podcast Guest

Some of the best conversationalists out there have invited me to chat on their podcasts! Take a listen!

Relationships at Work

Plain Language at Work

Hardcore Soft Skills

Hardcore Soft Skills podcast: Why writing is not a soft skill

Beltway Broadcast

Plain Language in Action: Tips for TD Professionals with Leslie O‘Flahavan

Masters of CX

How excellent writing creates an excellent customer experience

Inside Intercom

Writing coach Leslie O’Flahavan on the do’s and don’ts of customer messaging

Reach Your Do Point

My career story: How I went from writer to teacher to trainer and customer service wizard

Customers First

Framing language to best service your customers

My Curious Colleague

Writing comms in consumer care

Customer Support Leaders

The perfect support email with Leslie O’Flahavan

Fireside Chats Without the Fires

What is the glue that holds customer experience in the BPO World with Leslie O’Flahavan

Press 1 for Nick

Leslie O’Flahavan Consistent Communication

Science of CX

Training Agents to Write Great Customer Content with Leslie O’Flahavan

808 Podcast

Leslie O’Flahavan the Owner of E-WRITE tells you how to use plain language to create trust and rapport.


Leslie O’Flahavan on Clear Language

Voice of Influence

How to Write with the Voice of Your Brand with Leslie O’Flahavan

The Contact Centre Podcast

Customer Service Writing: How to Get More from Your Emails and Chats


Leslie O’Flahavan: I have the joy of looking over my shoulder

How to be Awesome at Your Job

Writing Better Emails with Leslie O’Flahavan

Conversations That Matter by Uniphore

Contact Center Predictions for 2021

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