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You want to write so your readers understand, care, and act. I can help you.

My customized onsite and virtual trainings help you and your staff build the writing skills you need to communicate with online readers.


Need a speaker for your next meeting or conference? Leslie’s talks are funny, practical, and full of real-world examples. Your audience will leave the session saying, “I learned a lot, laughed a lot, and know what to do next to improve my content!”


My customized on-site and virtual writing courses are hands-on and practical. I’ll use your organization’s writing samples to create a curriculum that helps your staff write better, in less time, and with less suffering.

Writing Services

We create crisp, clear content to convey your message, in your voice. We’re roll-up-the-sleeves writers, so let us know what you need: web content, blog posts, newsletter articles, knowledgebase articles or a style guide.

eBook: Channel Choice Guide for Improving Team Communication

Not so long ago, emails, face-to-face meetings, and phone calls dominated office communication. Today, that’s all changed. Much of our communication is virtual, not in person. Employees have access to many more channels including team messaging, text, and social media. 

All these options should lead to more productivity, right? Not exactly. Having so many communication options has led to lots of confusion and to some bad communication!   Fill out the form to learn more. 

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Writing Workbook

Do your customer service agents write e-mails that include embarrassing grammar or punctuation errors? Do they fail to answer customers’ questions? Is their tone unfriendly or curt? The Clear, Correct, Concise E-Mail workbook, a cost-effective, self-paced or instructor-led curriculum, will help you solve your agents’ e-mail writing problems. Clear, Correct, Concise E-Mail uses real e-mail exchanges between customers and companies to provide hands-on practice in essential e-mail writing skills:

  • Write clear, strong sentences
  • Use a polite, personal tone
  • Select the correct word and spell it right
  • Punctuate correctly
  • Write for global readers