If You Apologize to Customers Sincerely, You Can Cut Formal Complaints (Nearly) in Half

  How did Robin Fentress, Director of Customer Support for Bluegrass Cellular, win a $25,000 award and cut formal complaints by 43%? By teaching her customer service team to show empathy and apologize sincerely, of course.  When Robin and I reconnected this year, I knew I wanted to interview her. We’d met at an ICMI […]

How to Write a Five-Star Response to a One-Star Rating or Poor Review

For years, we’ve been saying, “A complaint is a gift.” Well, if we’ve really meant it, we need to treat one-star ratings and low reviews as gifts, too. While we may fail to win over the most disappointed customers, we can demonstrate that we are listening, we are accountable, and we care.

Resources: Writing in Plain Language at NTSB

Webinar 1 Where to find plain language award winners and heroes: http://www.plainenglishawards.org.nz/about/plain-english-awards-about/ https://centerforplainlanguage.org https://plainlanguage.gov https://www.lwionline.org Some federal agencies give their own plain language awards NIOSH Plain Language Award FDA Plain Language Award Plain award winners Massachusetts Blue Cross: Medicine tier change letter – 2018 ClearMark Award Western Michigan University Law School Bylaws – 2018 ClearMark […]

Why You Should Be (Business) Friends With Your Competitors

Since I started E-WRITE in 1996, I’ve focused on being business friends with my competitors instead of seeing them as a threat to my own success. This attitude has yielded so much good! Without these competitor-friends, I’d have fewer clients and prospects, and far less job satisfaction. I know how much good my competitors have done for me.