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Writing in Plain Language

Plain language is the reader-focused way to write. Learn how to focus your content, add structure with tables and lists, use active voice, and adopt a direct, personal style that communicates clarity and confidence to your audience.


Customer Service: Serving Customers Through Chat and Text

You may be a pro at writing emails, but you need a new set of skills to handle live, rapid-fire chat and text conversations. Learn to handle multiple conversations at one time, solve problems, and even sell products. Gain new writing skills and provide top-notch live chat and text customer service.


Serving Customers Using Social Media

Learn to serve customers in high-stakes channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Examine real-world tweets, posts, ratings, and reviews to see how skillful customer service reps talk down angry customers and even trolls. Keep your grammar and punctuation professional and in line with your company’s brand.


Technical Writing: Quick Start Guides

Learn the best technical writing practices and overall strategy for creating a quick start guide that helps readers easily find answers to their questions. Apply methods for getting feedback from subject matter experts and users to ensure that your guide is accurate and useful.


Writing Customer Service Emails

Write email to customers with consistency and professionalism. Learn to communicate with clarity and sincerity to ensure your responses provide the help customers need. Build strong writing practices in your contact center and improve customer relations.


Customer Service: Writing for Social Media

As a frontline customer service pro, you need to update your writing skills to represent your company’s brand and meet customers’ needs in social media. Learn how social customer care differs from traditional channels, when to move a customer to a private message, and how to gracefully handle rude customers.

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