Why You Should Be (Business) Friends With Your Competitors

Since I started E-WRITE in 1996, I’ve focused on being business friends with my competitors instead of seeing them as a threat to my own success. This attitude has yielded so much good! Without these competitor-friends, I’d have fewer clients and prospects, and far less job satisfaction. I know how much good my competitors have done for me.

With Only Seven Words, You Can Help Someone Who’s Struggling

You do not need to know how to recognize a mental health condition to help someone with one. You don’t need to know that someone is low or depressed to create a connection that enables them to cope, and maybe even begin recover. All you need to do is create the opportunity to listen.

UE Content Writing Workshop: Writing for the Web

Webinar 2 – Content Writing Workshop: Writing “Insights” Articles (July 6, 2020) Insights Content Type Template_UE_July2020 Combatting-Food-Insecurity-on-Campus_Insights_UE_BEFORE Combatting-Food-Insecurity-on-Campus_Insights_UE_AFTER Slide 12 UE Insights: Combatting Food Insecurity on Campus Slide 19 UE Insights: The Four Steps to Proactively Manage Risks Slide 22 UE Insights: Provide Suicide Prevention at K-12 Schools Insights Blog-Provide Suicide Prevention Training at K-12 […]

eBook: Channel Choice Guide for Improving Team Communication

In my eBook, The Channel Choice Guide for Improving Team Communication, I offer lots of practical guidance for improving the effectiveness of workplace communication.
Download this eBook to learn:
Which channels are most effective for everyday internal communication needs, how quickly you should respond in each channel, what to do if a member of your team is causing communication problems, tips for handling problem communicators, what your company’s internal communication guidelines document should cover, and tips for better communication in each channel.