eBook: Channel Choice Guide for Improving Team Communication

In my eBook, The Channel Choice Guide for Improving Team Communication, I offer lots of practical guidance for improving the effectiveness of workplace communication.
Download this eBook to learn:
Which channels are most effective for everyday internal communication needs, how quickly you should respond in each channel, what to do if a member of your team is causing communication problems, tips for handling problem communicators, what your company’s internal communication guidelines document should cover, and tips for better communication in each channel.

E-WRITE Office Hours – May 5, 2020

Please download these participant writing samples for our Office Hours workshop on May 5, 2020 Change_Post_Implementation_Review_Greg-Sanker 7 Essential Components of Crisis Communication for Leaders_Seaton_27Apr2020 Butterball Letter Template_Pamela-Barnes    

In Unusual Times, Replace the Usual Customer Service Phrases

On a typical day, most customers will understand what you mean even if you use less-than-graceful words when you speak or write. But these aren’t typical days. The usual customer service phrases can make your anxious customers even less patient and more emotional. These phrases can also make your company seem clueless. Here’s a list of six customer service phrases your team should probably avoid.

20 Ways to Empathize With Stressed Out Customers

These are difficult times, and our anxious customers need us more than ever. Whether they need help completing a simple task or solving a complex problem, all of them need our empathy. But empathy isn’t easy. So I’ve pulled together this list of 20 ways to empathize with stressed out customers.