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On Fridays at 12 pm Eastern, Deborah Bosley, owner of The Plain Language Group, and I are hosting the Plain Language Weekly Club on Clubhouse. Please join us! Our casual, candid conversations include people from all corners of the plain language world: consultants, customer experience experts, government communicators, translators, and professors. We’ve welcomed health insurance professionals, legal experts, scientists, project managers, and engineers. Basically, if you care about writing in plain language, we hope you’ll join.

Plain Language Weekly Schedule for 2022

  • Friday, January 7: What’s your favorite sentence-level plain language editing practice?
  • Friday, February 4: Many plain language practitioners are women. Why do you think this is so? How can women use plain language (and their skills as practitioners) to establish authority and advance their careers? Is plain language the antidote to some communication habits that weaken authority?
  • Friday, March 4: What new plain language focus do you see on the horizon? New regulations, a new sector, new ideas?
  • Friday April 8: What advice would you give financial institutions interested in plain language to help them develop a policy, a process, and measure outcomes?
  • Friday, May 6: What does a plain language insurance policy look like and which companies are offering them?
  • Friday, June 3: What type of resources or support do you need to move plain language forward in your company?
  • Friday, July 8: What are the costs of unclear writing? Here are 10 examples you can use to make the case for plain language.
  • Friday, August 5: Which companies or government agencies have done a good job of using and promoting plain language? What have they done well?
  • Friday, September 9: What is a writing practice, rule, or approach you learned in school that you must un-learn to write in plain language? How did you un-learn it?
  • Friday, October 7: How can plain language professionals advance the field of plain language?
  • Friday, November 4: What’s a great plain language product/example you wish you’d written?
  • Friday, December 2: What are plain language summaries and how will they affect the public’s knowledge of science?


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