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On Fridays at 12 pm Eastern, Deborah Bosley, owner of The Plain Language Group, and I are hosting the Plain Language Weekly Club on Clubhouse. Please join us! Our casual, candid conversations include people from all corners of the plain language world: consultants, customer experience experts, government communicators, translators, and professors. We’ve welcomed health insurance professionals, legal experts, scientists, project managers, and engineers. Basically, if you care about writing in plain language, we hope you’ll join.

About Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app. Within Clubhouse, you can join clubs or rooms where live conversations are happening. You can participate as a listener or as a speaker, if invited by the moderators. (In our Plain Language Weekly club, we’ll always invite you to speak!) Clubhouse is an invitation-only app.


How to use Clubhouse

A few Clubhouse quick-reads

A super long list of topics we’ve discussed in Plain Language Weekly

  • As a consultant, how do you balance collaborating with your plain language colleagues with competition for clients?
  • Tips for dealing with subject matter experts. How do you get them on board with plain language? What works?
  • How using plain language improves your social media posts
  • Why plain language is critical for accessibility
  • How to use plain language strategies for handling multiple audiences
  • How your knowledge of plain language can help your career
  • Making the plain language case for or against FAQs
  • As a plain language consultant, what do you do when a client promises work and then ghosts you? Do you pursue them? How?
  • Everyone is a patient at one time or another. Which health or medical communications do you wish were written in plain language? How have you struggled to understand health-related information? What would have made it clearer for you?
  • In your opinion, which software or cloud services company has the best plain language documentation, FAQs, or self-service content? Which has the most difficult-to-understand help content?
  • Is your local government (city, town, county, or state) good at communicating with citizens in plain language?
  • Does writing in plain language take a lot of effort? What can writers do to reduce the amount of effort it takes?
  • Which company do you do business with that always communicates in plain language? Which one never does?
  • Have you ever turned down a contract for a plain language project (as a consultant)? Have you ever rejected or ended a plain language project (as an employee)? Why and how?
  • Of all the people you write content for, which one or which group is most different from you? How do you adjust your writing to communicate with this type of reader?


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