E-mail writing courses

Measuring the Quality of Customer Service E-Mail

This day-long course will help contact center managers move beyond measuring the quantity of e-mail agents answer to measuring the quality of agents’ e-mail to customers.  You’ll learn how to gauge your agents’ writing strengths as well as the seriousness of your...

Writing Clear, Correct, Concise E-Mail

Do your e-mails to customers contain errors in grammar, spelling, and usage or a tone that undermines your professional image? If so, this day-long course, which is based on the Clear, Correct, Concise E-Mail workbook, will help you refresh basic writings skills and...

Writing Customer-Focused Email and Chat

Excellent customer service e-mail and chat mean more than writing mechanically correct email. To elevate your email from adequate to excellent, you must write responses that solve your customers’ problems and make them feel valued. In this course, you will learn how...

Writing E-Newsletters That Work

E-mail newsletters are the mainstay of online publishing. But with readers inundated, how do you create a newsletter that stands out, one your subscribers are eager to receive? This course will provide an overview of different types of e-mail newsletters and help you...

How to Write E-Mail to People Who Don’t Read

You do your best to communicate clearly, but you can tell by their questions that people just aren't reading your e-mails!  With the volume of e-mail escalating and the pressure to write timely responses increasing, it's more important than ever to build powerful...

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