Plain language in practice: Writing for the Web

In October 2008, I presented a Web Manager University webinar on the topic of plain language in web writing.  The topic doesn’t require a hard sell.  Essentially, I said that because reading online presents many challenges, users need content that’s written in plain, clear, and familiar language.

January 2012 Update

I came across many wonderful resources while developing the webinar, and I’ve added items since then. I hope these links help you write content “… your audience can understand the first time they read … it.”

Plain language organizations:

Plain language before-and-after examples:

Plain language guidelines:

Plain language books

  • Letting Go of the Words by Ginny Redish (2007)
  • Plain Language for Lawyers by Michele M. Asprey (2010)
  • Legal Writing in Plain English: A Text With Exercises by Bryan A. Garner (2001)
  • Plain English for Lawyers by Richard C. Wydick (2005)
  • How to Write Plain English: A Book for Lawyers and Consumers: With 60 Before-And-After Translations from Legalese by Rudolf Franz Flesch (1979)
  • Plain Language in Plain English by Cheryl Stephens (2010)

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