Repurposing Print Documents for the Web

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Is your website full of information that was originally published in print? Is the site overloaded with hard-to-read PDFs or PowerPoint presentations that need to be rewritten for the web? Based on the content reuse concept – “Create it once; publish it many times” – this course will help you solve the print-to-web problem.

You’ll review several case studies in repurposing to learn a variety of techniques for translating print to web. You’ll develop repurposing strategies for reports, policy manuals, brochures, and press releases. You’ll also learn ways to make a print document work online when, for legal or copyright reasons, you can’t alter the original content.

What you will learn:

  • Why print documents don’t work “as-is” as web content and how to explain this concept to your web writing collaborators
  • How to identify the steps in the print-to-web publishing cycle and how to allocate time and resources for each step
  • How to find successful examples of repurposed print content on the web and how to use these examples as models for your own repurposing projects
  • How to decide whether to repurpose a print document for the web
  • A repeatable, flexible process for repurposing print documents

Course length
: one day


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