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Writing for the Web

The graphic design may be a work of art, the technology cutting edge, but it's well-written content that brings visitors to your site and keeps them coming back. In this course, you'll learn proven principles of web writing (conciseness, effective hypertext links,...

Writing E-Newsletters That Work

E-mail newsletters are the mainstay of online publishing. But with readers inundated, how do you create a newsletter that stands out, one your subscribers are eager to receive? This course will provide an overview of different types of e-mail newsletters and help you...

Essential Writing Skills to Support Web Self-Service

Gone are the days when customer service and technical support staff can say, “We have the technical knowledge; we don’t need to know how to write.” To support your customers, you need to know how to write e-mail and self-service content that is predictable, clear, and...

How to Develop Editorial Guidelines for Your Wiki

Wikis have become a popular tool for storing and creating knowledge. Companies use wikis to enable collaboration among far-flung teams, to manage meetings, or to develop presentations.  Some companies have even replaced their dead-end intranets with thriving wikis....

How To Write FAQs That Help Customers Help Themselves

Are you relying on FAQs to enable customers to answer their own questions?  To reduce the number of phone calls your staff must handle?  To stem the flow of e-mail?  If so, you need to know how to write FAQs that are predictable, clear, and easy to follow. What you...

Repurposing Print Documents for the Web

Is your website full of information that was originally published in print? Is the site overloaded with hard-to-read PDFs or PowerPoint presentations that need to be rewritten for the web? Based on the content reuse concept – "Create it once; publish it many times" –...

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