Writing courses for support staff

Writing Refresher for Professionals

Has it been a long time since you studied the basics of writing?  Are you confident of your business knowledge but concerned that your writing skills are less professional?  This course will help you build confidence by refreshing your writing skills.  You’ll complete...

Punctuating With Precision

Do you worry about whether you’ve used a comma correctly? Are you unsure about the difference between a semicolon and a colon? This course will help you review (or learn) punctuation rules and make them easy to remember.  What you will learn: the most common rules for...

Basic Writing Skills for Administrative Staff

Are you receiving more writing assignments at work?  Are your rusty writing skills holding you back or causing you headaches at annual review time? This course will help you develop stronger writing skills, so you can take on new writing tasks with confidence. What...

Editing for Clarity and Accuracy

Are you the last person to check a document before it’s published or sent?  If so, this course is for you.  You’ll practice identifying and correcting common problems in grammar and become familiar with style manuals and other business editing reference materials. ...

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