Webinar recording: How to Develop an Agency Brand Voice That Connects With Customers Online

Is your company or government agency using a tone of voice that connects with customers online, or is it using a stale, bureaucratic voice that repels them and breeds distrust or confusion?
In this recorded webinar, you’ll learn what brand voice is and how it’s governed. I’ll lead you through a simple exercise that will help you define your brand voice, which may vary somewhat by project, product, or section of your site. I’ll also discuss the situations in which using an inconsistent voice will cause problems.

Don’t Jekyll-and-Hyde Your Customers: Why Customer Service Should Also Use Your Company’s Brand Voice

It’s not good for your company to use one tone of voice when it’s trying to make a sale and another when it’s trying to solve a customer’s a problem. Customer Service should write in the same brand voice Marketing uses, or one that’s pretty close. Here are three things you can do to enable your Customer Service team to use a brand voice that builds rapport with your company and gives customers a seamless experience.