Join me for the Content Managers’ Playbook course on February 23

On February 23, 2011, I am teaching a day-long course for Web Manager University in Washington, DC. Content Managers’ Playbook: Proven Strategies for Getting Readable Content  is ideal for anyone who manages content and the people who write it.  I’ve provided the full course description, below. During the course, I’ll share some of the interviews […]

8 Ways to Get Your Manager to Focus on the Content at Your Company’s Website

If you are a web writer, web editor, or content manager, you often find yourself trapped. You have loads of responsibility for publishing user-focused content, but too little authority (or none at all) over the people who contribute that content. You can’t “make” your colleagues update their pages, follow the style guide, or meet content […]

For Double the Value, Cut Your Web Content In Half

Sometimes the best solution to a problem is the simplest one. Overweight? Eat less.  Low on funds? Sell the flowery china you inherited from your great aunt. Flabby, non-engaging web content?  Cut it in half. Sometimes the best thing you can do to your web content is just make it shorter by half. My experiment: […]