Need to hire a freelaner? I’ve got just the wirter for you.

We receive job queries from freelance writers all the time. Usually these queries are direct, clear, energetic, and graceful. They make me think “Wow. I want to hire this person for my next project.” But when I received this e-mail in my inbox yesterday, I was speechless. Subject: Info, I am freelane writer John […]

Proofreading Tips for Finding Errors in Your Own Writing

Reading the newspaper each day, I catch frequent errors in grammar and usage. It’s easy for me to find errors in newspapers—and, in general, in the writing of others. What’s hard is finding errors in my own writing. By the time I get to the proofreading stage, I’ve looked at the document so many times […]

Fact Checking Health Care: Truth or Truthiness?

Death panels. Government take over. Revenue neutral. The frenzy over health care reform is a potent reminder that the Internet provides a staggering amount of information—and misinformation. How do you separate the truth from what political satirist Stephen Colbert terms truthiness —what we “know” without regard to evidence, logic or facts?  Turns out, it’s not […]