FedEx’s Post-Purchase Survey Request: Good Manners or Faux Pas?

Companies, we customers know you want our post-purchase feedback. But is it good manners for you to ask us for it anytime, anywhere? Recently, I was surprised and unhappy about a post-purchase survey request I received from FedEx Office, which arrived in my inbox a week after I’d paid for my photocopies in the store. Here’s why FedEx’s post-purchase survey request was too close for comfort.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: It’s All in the Writing

Well, maybe not all in the writing, but many common mistakes made in developing surveys come from inexact wording of questions. This is according to Fred Van Bennekom, principal of Great Brook Consulting, who gave an excellent presentation—The Dirty Dozen of Common Survey Mistakes—at this month’s meeting of the Capital Area Chapter of HDI, a […]