Nine Tips for Helping Your Customer Service Agents Write Better-Faster Emails

How can contact centers improve their email response time? It’s not by increasing the email quota for individual agents. Contact centers can only improve response time when contact center managers choose the right people, knowledge management practices, workflow, and tools to enable faster-better email.

Is Your Email Scorecard Making Agents’ Writing Worse?

When managers score frontline customer service agents’ email quality in a “gotcha” fashion, or when they score agents on writing skills that haven’t been explained, taught, or coached, they can actually damage agents’ writing skills. Yes, it’s true. An ineffective or punitive email scorecard can make agents’ writing skills worse.

Announcing my new course, “How to Write Customer Service Email”

Yep, you read that right! My first course, “How to Write Customer Service Email” is ready to view, and I am thrilled to share it with you. The course is made up of 29 short videos (about 3 minutes each) and loads of handouts and exercises, so you can apply what you have learned about writing great email…

Don’t Jekyll-and-Hyde Your Customers: Why Customer Service Should Also Use Your Company’s Brand Voice

It’s not good for your company to use one tone of voice when it’s trying to make a sale and another when it’s trying to solve a customer’s a problem. Customer Service should write in the same brand voice Marketing uses, or one that’s pretty close. Here are three things you can do to enable your Customer Service team to use a brand voice that builds rapport with your company and gives customers a seamless experience.