Five Email Bad Habits That Make People Dislike You

These days, we begin most work relationships via email and we sustain them that way. All day long, we exchange emails with colleagues and clients whom we may rarely see in person or speak to on the phone. These five email bad habits may be putting people off you, even if they haven’t met you. Read on to see whether you have these bad habits and how to get rid of them, quickly.

How to Write Automated Texts That Sound Human, Not Robotic

If your customers have opted-in to receive texts from your company, they probably understand that some texts from your company were sent by an automated system. However, your automated texts to customers shouldn’t sound mechanical. Here are 10 tips to help you write automated texts that sound human and build rapport with your customers.

Princeton Review: Don’t send me a huffy e-mail when I unsubscribe

So, it’s like that, Princeton Review. You loved me when I subscribed to receive your weekly School Research Service e-mails, but now that my daughter’s been accepted to college and I’ve unsubscribed, you can’t even be polite. Here’s the let’s-destroy-our-business-relationship e-mail I received from Princeton Review when I unsubscribed: From: Unsubscribe To: LESLIE O’FLAHAVAN Subject: […]

Video Interview: How to Improve Email Response Time

Watch my video interview with Jeff Toister of Toister Performance Solutions. Jeff conducts an annual survey on email response time, asking “How fast do you expect a response to an email you send to a business?” and “How quickly should you respond to an email from a business? A coworker? A friend?” Jeff and I discuss this year’s survey, which revealed that email response time expectations continue to escalate: 16.5% of respondents want a business to reply within an hour, 13% will wait four hours, and 43.4% want a response within one day.