FAQs Upgrade: How the Library of Congress Regrouped to Improve Self-Service Content

Many congratulations to Paul Weiss, Senior Cataloging Policy Specialist, in the Library of Congress’s Policy and Standards Division. After participating in an Advanced Writing for the Web course I recently taught, Paul rolled up his sleeves for a re-do of his FAQs page on cataloging. Paul’s FAQs, intended for archivists and librarians, had become an […]

“If Your Web Content Is Good, You Don’t Need FAQs”

That’s what a participant said during a web writing course I taught recently for the Federal Library and Information Network at the Library of Congress. “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ FAQs” I’ve heard this opinion before. Lots of people object to websites that segregate answers to users’ questions in a long sprawling FAQs section. Instead, […]