Do You Write Customer Service E-Mail That Rates a Perfect 10?

We all know that a good customer service e-mail is one and done: it answers the customer’s questions or solves the customer’s problems so there’s no need for a second round of contact. A great customer service e-mail goes beyond one and done: it anticipates related questions a customer might have and answers them, too. […]

Apologizing to a customer? Write it like you mean it

A colleague shared this e-mail she received from the company that hosts her website, which I’ll call ABC Web Host. While the intent of this e-mail is to apologize for an outage, it doesn’t sound genuine, and the order of information is all wrong. Subject: Further explanation regarding May 20 outage Dear ABC Web Host […]

Announcing System Outages: There’s Got to Be a Better Way?

On behalf of my colleague and friend Marie DiRuzza (Assistant Director of Desktop Services at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and V.P. of Programs for HDI New England) I am reaching out to all of you to ask for your input: what’s the best way to write a system outage announcement? Marie’s group at WPI is responsible […]