Why are resumes so hard to write?

I’m honored to re-post this blog by my friend and colleague By Kim Bieler, UX team manager at FireEye and blogger at UXResume.com. Here, we discuss six reasons why the resume (and the hiring process in general) conspires to undermine our confidence and ability to write effectively.

JOB: Speechwriter for National Health Care Professional Association

American Nurses Association seeks an experienced public relations professional immediately for temporary assignment of 4 months. Must have excellent writing skills to include speechwriting, news releases, talking points; experience in traditional media relations and social media campaigns; and ability to produce compelling PowerPoint presentations.

Hiring? Nine interview questions you must ask applicants about their writing skills

At last, the economy is picking up a little. After a couple of years of “doing more with less,” you may be lucky enough to be hiring. Maybe you’ve spent all morning digging through piles of cover letters, resumes, and writing samples. It’s not easy to figure out whether an applicant has excellent writing skills […]

Job Application Language: Choose VERY Carefully

I recently served as a “hired reader.” I had a consulting gig as the subject matter expert hired to review application packets for a high-level Communications Director position.  I read and scored the three required essay questions applicants answered to apply for the job. (Applicants also submitted a cover letter and resume.) I read more […]