Need to hire a freelaner? I’ve got just the wirter for you.

We receive job queries from freelance writers all the time. Usually these queries are direct, clear, energetic, and graceful. They make me think “Wow. I want to hire this person for my next project.” But when I received this e-mail in my inbox yesterday, I was speechless. Subject: Info, I am freelane writer John […]

There’s [Grammar] Hell to Pay If You Break These Rules

Grammar rules die hard. I learned that after my post Five Grammar Rules That Beg To Be Broken. I heard from a number of readers who, invoking the ghosts of eighth grade English teachers past, refused to break the rules. Despite my advice, they will not split infinitives or end a sentence with a preposition—ever. […]

76 Online Opportunities to Build Your Punctuation Skills

Who says resolutions have to be made in January? If you’ve vowed to become a better writer or editor, use some of your downtime this summer to complete these free online grammar, punctuation, or usage exercises offered by the writing labs at various colleges. You’ll spruce up your skills with hands-on practice and instant feedback. […]