Brutal Proofreading: Your Errors Read Aloud

The most fun response to my post Proofreading Tips for Finding Errors in Your Own Writing came from fellow writing instructor and consultant Rosemary Camilleri: “Your Mac users may not know it but they have a ‘Speech’ feature built into Mac OX 10.4, 10.5, and following. It’s called Text to Speech. Their computer will read […]

Proofreading Tips for Finding Errors in Your Own Writing

Reading the newspaper each day, I catch frequent errors in grammar and usage. It’s easy for me to find errors in newspapers—and, in general, in the writing of others. What’s hard is finding errors in my own writing. By the time I get to the proofreading stage, I’ve looked at the document so many times […]

Unforgivable Spelling Errors—And How to Avoid Them

I am not a great speller. And there are some look-alike words that trip me up (affect and effect, for example). So, I’m somewhat forgiving about other people’s spelling errors. But here’s my bottom line: You must spell the bread-and-butter words of your profession correctly. I’m surprised by how frequently I encounter “professional” misspellings. For […]