Effective E-Mails, from Subject Line to Signature

E-mails are so much a part of our daily communication that we often dash them off without much thought. But thoughtful, effective e-mails accomplish what the writer intended. Read these tips for writing better e-mail subject lines, openings, closings, bodies, calls to action, closings, and signatures.

Over-the-top newsletter list hygiene: “Do us a favor and unsubscribe”

As a long-time newsletter publisher, I am familiar with the reasons to “thin the herd” of subscribers who aren’t reading the newsletter or responding to offers. A clean e-mail list means: Fewer spam complaints or bounces Accurate open and click-through rates The opportunity to focus on subscribers who will convert to sales or take action […]

“Thank you for your message; however, I’m not going to read it.”

This out-of-office e-mail landed in my inbox a few days ago. I don't know "Bob" personally; he's a member of a Yahoo! group I follow. (To preserve privacy, I have changed all identifying info in the e-mail.) I think Bob's e-mail is one of a kind, and I've been following the out-of-office genre for a […]

Do You Write Customer Service E-Mail That Rates a Perfect 10?

We all know that a good customer service e-mail is one and done: it answers the customer’s questions or solves the customer’s problems so there’s no need for a second round of contact. A great customer service e-mail goes beyond one and done: it anticipates related questions a customer might have and answers them, too. […]

Why an Order Confirmation E-Mail Must Have an Explicit Subject Line

Holiday season is upon us. Many of us will be spending big bucks ordering from online retailers. So all you companies out there that use e-mail to confirm purchases, I’m begging you – use an explicit subject line. (I don’t mean X-rated …) Please do not send me a confirmation e-mail like the one I […]