Yes, Boomers Do Want to Text Your Company for Customer Service

Is your company is gearing up to offer customer service via text? That’s great! Your customers are going to love the convenience. As you plan your roll out, beware of a common trap: ageist thinking. While texting behaviors do differ slightly by the age of the person holding the smartphone, customers of all ages will use text for customer service if you make the channel easy to use. If you assume your older customers aren’t into texting, you’re mistaken.

Pet Peeves Of Written Customer Service: Google Hangout with CommBetterBlog

Check it out! Jenny Dempsey and Jeremy Watkin of Communicate Better Blog invited me to hang out with them and talk about our pet peeves of written customer service. We had plenty of peeves — customers who write in ALL CAPS, agents who write long emails without answering the customer’s question — and plenty of faves, too. Watch our hangout video, and share what drives you crazy in customer service email, chat, text, or social.

Six Strategies for Writing Great Text Messages to Customers

If your company isn’t providing customer service via SMS today, it probably will be doing so soon. While anyone can write a personal text, writing texts to customers isn’t as easy. Get ahead of the customer service curve by learning how to write great texts to customers: clear, readable, and worthwhile.