Webinar recording: How to Develop an Agency Brand Voice That Connects With Customers Online

Is your company or government agency using a tone of voice that connects with customers online, or is it using a stale, bureaucratic voice that repels them and breeds distrust or confusion?
In this recorded webinar, you’ll learn what brand voice is and how it’s governed. I’ll lead you through a simple exercise that will help you define your brand voice, which may vary somewhat by project, product, or section of your site. I’ll also discuss the situations in which using an inconsistent voice will cause problems.

Why Your Site Needs a Style Guide and a Governance Handbook: Interview with Courtney Reyers of NAMI

Read my interview with Courtney Reyers, Director of Publishing at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Courtney has just led NAMI through the two-year process of re-thinking, re-architecting, re-writing, and re-launching the NAMI.org website. Learn how and why Courtney created a NAMI Editorial Style Guide and a NAMI Web Governance Handbook, and download these documents. If you’re planning to create a style guide or web governance document (or process) for your organization, read Courtney’s advice. She’s got a lot of great experience to share.