Death to the Term “Soft Skills”: Writing is a Hard Skill All Support Professionals Need

I hate the term “soft skills” and want everyone to stop using it. It’s vague, it’s dismissive, and it pits “soft” skills against “hard” ones when we know support professionals need both kinds of skills to do their increasingly complicated jobs well. If we can stop referring to writing skills with the empty word “soft,” we can recognize how important they are to providing great support.

Yes, Writing to Customers in Social Media Does Require Special Skills

Customer service agents who respond on Twitter and Facebook, etc. must have social-media-specific writing skills. While you may have staffed your social channels with experienced agents who know how to write great emails or live chats, writing to customers in social channels is challenging and different. Read on to learn about the three social-specific writing skills agents need if they’re going to deliver excellent customer care.

Can Bad Writers Improve? If You Coach Them, Yes

I can picture you. It’s the end of a busy week and you’ve finally carved out an hour or so to do a quality check on the emails your agents send to customers. From the “Sent” pile, you randomly grab a response written by “Marian” and settle in with your QA scorecard to see how […]

Six Strategies for Writing Great Text Messages to Customers

If your company isn’t providing customer service via SMS today, it probably will be doing so soon. While anyone can write a personal text, writing texts to customers isn’t as easy. Get ahead of the customer service curve by learning how to write great texts to customers: clear, readable, and worthwhile.