Nine Tips for Helping Your Customer Service Agents Write Better-Faster Emails

How can contact centers improve their email response time? It’s not by increasing the email quota for individual agents. Contact centers can only improve response time when contact center managers choose the right people, knowledge management practices, workflow, and tools to enable faster-better email.

Can Bad Writers Improve? If You Coach Them, Yes

I can picture you. It’s the end of a busy week and you’ve finally carved out an hour or so to do a quality check on the emails your agents send to customers. From the “Sent” pile, you randomly grab a response written by “Marian” and settle in with your QA scorecard to see how […]

E-WRITE’s Eight-Course Writing Curriculum Helped a Government Agency Write Right

Over the last six months I’ve been involved in a dream-come-true project. For the U.S. Energy Information Administration, I developed a full writing curriculum—a set of eight different writing courses—and taught each of the courses at least twice. Learn how I developed the courses, how EIA got C-suite support for the project, and why the Write Right curriculum was so popular.

Writing for the Web: Register for this course on March 15, 2013 in Silver Spring,MD

This course will provide you with what you’ve often said you need: practical guidance on writing web content, examples of effective content, and the opportunity to practice your writing skills. This hands-on workshop introduces you to the principles of web writing and gives you concrete strategies for writing to online readers. You’ll learn how to […]