Has it been a long time since you studied the basics of writing?  Are you confident of your business knowledge but concerned that your writing skills are less professional?  This course will help you build confidence by refreshing your writing skills.  You’ll complete a writing self-assessment that will help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses, so you can continue your writing refresher when you’re back at work.

You will:

  • learn how writing rules have changed:  Is it still wrong to end a sentence with a preposition?  To begin a sentence with because?
  • review of punctuation rules and edit business documents to correct errors
  • refresh grammar knowledge by learning about sentence types
  • choose the appropriate sentence type for your document and topic
  • learn a two-tier system for editing for conciseness

Course length: one day or half day


  1. How do I sign-up for this course?

  2. Hello, Tabetha – Thanks for your interest in the Writing Refresher for Professionals course. While I don’t have plans to offer it as an open enrollment course this year, I would be glad to deliver this as an onsite training. Please let me know if you would be interested in that option. Or, if you’d prefer, we could discuss one-on-one writing coaching that would be focused on helping you build your own writing skills.

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