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WEBINAR: How to Write Email in Your Company’s Brand Voice

February 16, 2022 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Your customers know your company in many ways: from TV ads, newsletters, your website, promotions, posters, social media accounts, YouTube videos, and from buying from you — of course. From all these pleasant contacts, customers “make friends” with your company. They experience your brand voice as practical and helpful, upbeat and accommodating, sometimes even glamorous.

However, when customers contact us for service, our companies often write emails in a strict, legalistic, and formal style. This disconnect between the brand voice and the customer service voice harms the overall customer experience and makes customer distrust the answers we give them.

This session will explain how you can respond to customer contacts in your company’s brand voice without sacrificing accuracy or authority.

What you’ll learn:

  • What brand voice is and how it affects your relationship with customers
  • Why an off-brand, unfriendly customer service voice actually makes customers more difficult to serve
  • How to understand the elements of your company’s brand voice so you can incorporate them into your emails with customers
  • What a brand voice guide is and why you should review your company’s brand voice guide
  • How to use your company’s brand voice to greet, congratulate, and question customers
  • Whether it’s OK to use your company’s brand voice when communicating with angry customers

 Who should attend:

  • Customer service agents
  • Leads and coaches
  • Marketing and CX professionals