Managing Other People’s Writing

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Do you find it easier to rewrite your staff’s work than guide them through a revision? Would you like to reduce the amount of time you spend managing and editing staff writers’ work?  Do you need to learn how to help resistant or defensive writers?  This workshop will teach you techniques for overseeing your staff’s writing to simplify the writing process and make it less frustrating.

What you will learn

  • how to distinguish between the writing problems the writer should fix and ones the manager should fix
  • a common vocabulary to use in discussing writing issues with your staff and colleagues
  • how getting involved early in the writing process to save time and reduce stress as deadlines approach
  • how to use principles of effective reviewing to improve documents and build writers’ skills. 

During this course, you’ll learn techniques for helping writers plan and organize documents.  You’ll practice giving specific, constructive feedback on a draft document.

Course Length: one day or a half day


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