With Only Seven Words, You Can Help Someone Who’s Struggling

This is a guest post by my friend and colleague, Jeff Janes. Here's how Jeff describes himself: "I travel the world to find things to photograph and write about." Jeff is currently based in the Arabian Gulf. "Like many people, I have some medical conditions. While...

UE Content Writing Workshop: Writing for the Web

Webinar 2 - Content Writing Workshop: Writing “Insights” Articles (July 6, 2020) Insights Content Type Template_UE_July2020 Combatting-Food-Insecurity-on-Campus_Insights_UE_BEFORE Combatting-Food-Insecurity-on-Campus_Insights_UE_AFTER Slide 12 UE Insights: Combatting...

E-WRITE Office Hours – May 5, 2020

Please download these participant writing samples for our Office Hours workshop on May 5, 2020 Change_Post_Implementation_Review_Greg-Sanker 7 Essential Components of Crisis Communication for Leaders_Seaton_27Apr2020 Butterball Letter Template_Pamela-Barnes    

Advanced Content Writing Workshop – AAPA

Three Steps to Selecting ICD-10 Codes Accurately Three things to remember when choosing a code without a diagnosis 5 Steps to Use Social Media to Benefit the Profession Healthcare news headlines: Clinician Today PAEA Government Relations headlines and Public Health...

Support Driven Expo Americas 2019

E-WRITE_Handouts_Consistent-Communication-Omnichannel-World_Support-Driven_11July2019   E-WRITE_Handouts_How-to-Hire-Agents-Who-Have-Great-Writing-Skills_SupportDriven_Expo_11July2019  ...

Advanced Writing Workshop for Communicators – Ellucian

Module 2 OP-ED: College used to be about personal growth. Now, it’s just career prep Build a Success-Friendly Campus Module 3 NIH Research Matters Engineered phages treat drug-resistant infection Arizona Rural Hospital Facilities and Market Study A survey of U.S....

Write Content That Connects – WMATA

NIH Research Matters - http://www.nih.gov/researchmatters/index.htm "Eating Highly Processed Foods ..." https://www.nih.gov/news-events/nih-research-matters/eating-highly-processed-foods-linked-weight-gain Arizona Rural Hospital Facilities and Market Study...

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