Recorded webinar: How to Write Like a Human in an Age of Speed

Jeff Toister and I co-presented the webinar, “How to Write Like a Human in an Age of Speed.” Jeff reported the results of his survey, “How Fast Should a Business Respond to an Email?” I offered 10 tips on how to respond to emails really quickly without sounding like a robot. I think you’ll enjoy this webinar recording. Watch it yourself, or share it with your team of customer service writers.

Survey Says 19% of Americans Check Work E-Mail in Bed

Ugh. I thought it was just me. But last month's survey (by Xobni and Harris Interactive) on the e-mail habits of American workers shows it's true of most of us: we can't separate ourselves from our work e-mail. 72% of Americans check their e-mail outside of regular business hours (vacations, weekends, non-work days). 27% percent […]

Is E-Mail Dead? Not So Fast!

Since 2006, pundits have been predicting the death of e-mail. The word on the street is that people–particularly under 30s–have abandoned e-mail for IM, texting, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Jim Lodico, author of the Social Media 2.0 blog, summarizes the reasons most often given for e-mail’s demise  (among them: too slow, takes too […]

Research Report: Old Writing Rules Apply to New Social Media

While updating our web writing courses, I’ve been scouring usability research to find new studies that apply to web writing. The findings from two separate research studies from the Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL) at Wichita State University remind me that old web writing guidelines apply to new media—social networking sites. Both studies flagged common […]

Wikipedia: A Bold Experiment in Community

I’m a big fan of collaborative writing. So no wonder I found Andrew Lih’s book about the world’s largest collaborative writing project fascinating: The Wikipedia Revolution: How a Bunch of Nobodies Created the World’s Greatest Encyclopedia. Wikipedia is often my first read when I need a quick explanation or overview of a topic. I knew […]