Using Twitter for Customer Service? Answer the customer’s dang question

I recently read “The Great Social Customer Service Race,” an experiment by Software Advice, Inc., which put 14 top consumer brands to the Twitter support test. As you might imagine, some brands, like Wells Fargo, fared poorly. Read Software Advice’s rewrite of a “robotic” Wells Fargo tweet, then read mine.

Seven Must-Have Elements of Your Social Media Emergency Kit

It can strike any time with any brand. Chick-Fil-A, Nestlé, and Domino’s have experienced a social media crisis. If a similar crisis hit your brand, would you be prepared? Just like the emergency kit that keeps your family safe during a natural disaster, a Social Media Emergency Kit for your brand is key to surviving a social media crisis.

Download our “Guide to Writing for Social Media”

Check out our latest handy free download for wordslingers and communication campaigners: Guide to Writing for Social Media. We developed this 57-page guide for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The examples in the guide are health-related, but the advice about writing for social media is practical for any organization that wants to provide high quality social content for customers and readers

Help me solve the mystery of how I wrote the World’s Worst Tweet and killed interest in a great free resource

I really need your help. A few days ago I tweeted about a new resource I’m offering for download at my site, a Guide to Writing for Social Media. I expected a good response, but what actually happened was … well … nothing. My conclusion: I have written the World’s Worst Tweet. So I need your help: What is it about how I wrote this tweet that enabled me to KILL interest in a great resource? Comment here to share your thoughts about why my tweet is so stultifying. Revise it for me, please.

Twitter Customer Service: Two partial DMs from AT&T do not make a whole

If you’re using Twitter for customer service, you’ve got to live within your means. Yes, the 140-character limit is a struggle. It’s hard to solve a customer’s problem or answer a question in such tight quarters… AT&T seems to have gotten little mixed up about replying via direct message (DM) to a customer’s request for help. A few weeks ago, I tweeted AT&T about ongoing problems I was having with my landline. In response to my tweet, AT&T sent me this stopped-in-mid-sentence DM…