12 Customer Service Fails

You’ll want to download 12 Customer Service Fails and How They Could Have Been Prevented, a new ebook published by ICMI. In the ebook, 12 customer service experts–including E-WRITE’s Leslie O’Flahavan–describe their worst customer service experiences and explain what the company could have done to prevent the situation. On page 4, Leslie tells the story of a her live chat with a customer service agent whose writing was so incoherent, she may have been hallucinating!

Make sure your company doesn’t do any of these things to customers!

  • Be more concerned with upselling than customer service.
  • Hire agents to engage in live chat when they don’t write well in the language they are chatting in.
  • Trust the GPS more than the customer’s explanation of his delivery address.
  • Make it really really really difficult to update account information.
  • Force the customer to call in 10 times over six weeks to request that an item be shipped.
  • Get into a yelling match with the customer service agent that includes the question “Are you calling me a liar?!”
  • Be so scripted and rigid that the customer breaks down crying and ends the call with the word, “You make me a bad customer.”
  • Ask a customer if he needs help then disappear for 10 minutes.

Download this ebook and learn how to avoid making common customer service mistakes that annoy your customers.

(17 pages; 1.33MB PDF)


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