Brinda Moody’s Entry in the “Office Plants” E-Mail Contest

by | Mar 2, 2010 | Writing Matters Blog

During a recent walk through by the Office of Environmental Safety, it was observed that some plants have not been properly cared for.  Neglecting  to care for plants can cause adverse health conditions in today’s work place.  It is company policy that staff members are responsible for the care of their plants.  Failure to do so can result in written citations and removal of the individual’s plants.

Below are some tips to help you in caring for your plants in your personal workspace.

  • We recommend only two plants per office space.
  • Low maintenance plants reduce the worry of everyday care and will maintain their health when you are away from the office.
  • Be careful not to over water your plants.  Over watering can damage your plant and opens the possibility of mold growth and diseased plants.
  • Be diligent in checking your plant’s health.  If it does not thrive in the office atmosphere, making the decision to remove the plant would be beneficial to you, your plant, and your coworkers.

We are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace to all company employees, and we are looking forward to the improved conditions the tips above will bring about.  Plants can give an office a boost to its atmosphere and environment and we are looking forward to working with you to accomplish this.  If you have questions or need assistance in the removal of plants, please contact us via the intranet.


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