E-Mail Writing Essentials For Supervisors: Assessing And Improving Customer Service Agents’ E-Mail

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You’ve hired new customer service agents to handle phone and e-mail inquiries.  You’ve discovered they are great on the phone, but their writing skills are poor.  Customers are complaining about errors and lack of clarity in the e-mail responses they’ve received.  This course will help you solve problems caused by lack of writing skills in contact center staff. You’ll find out how to evaluate applicants for, and correct deficiencies in, all kinds of writing skills.

What you will learn:

  • strategies for assessing applicants’ writing skills before you hire them
  • how to review resumes and cover letters
  • how to interview applicants to find out about their writing skills and experience
  • how to test applicants for essential writing skills
  • how to distinguish between problems with the mechanics of writing and problems with “big picture” or thinking skills
  • how to design training programs (and as-needed help) to improve agents’ writing skills

Course length: one day or a half day


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