Essential Writing Skills for Techies

Competent technical support is the backbone of your help desk or contact center.  But while “techies” may be great at solving customer problems, they may lack the skills to convey their expertise in writing.  Their written responses to customer problems may be too technical, include irrelevant information, or be unintentionally arrogant or sarcastic.  The result of these writing problems can be confused, unsatisfied, even angry customers. 

Can techies learn to write in plain English? Yes! In this course, you’ll learn the ten essential writing skills techies need —and the writing skills they don’t need. 

What you will learn:

  • how to assess your staff’s writing skills to diagnose strengths and weaknesses
  • how to improve your IT staff’s writing skills and enable them to write e-mail and documentation everyone can understand
  • techniques for helping technical staff become aware of (and control) the tone of their writing
  • how to use model documents and templates to improve writing skills and assure quality
  • strategies for motivating technical staff to write well

Course length: one day or a half day

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