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It’s Complicated: Fostering an Effective Relationship between Customer Service & Marketing – CC Demo Conference

November 13, 2018 @ 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm

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Like any modern relationship, the one between marketing and customer service is complicated. Marketing needs to know a lot more than they do about what it’s like to work in their company’s contact center. Until they understand what frontline customer service agents do all day, and how they do it, marketing managers will continue to make the same dangerous mistakes. They’ll keep launching marketing campaigns without giving the customer service team enough information or enough lead time. They’ll publish content that looks pretty but is difficult to read or use, or they’ll continue to think they “own” social channels, when the contact center is better prepared to answer customers’ questions and solve their problems there. On the flip side, contact centers need to know more about marketing, too. Customer service agents and their managers need to feel empowered to share feedback, suggest product improvements, and advocate on customers’ behalf. They need to work together. Companies that provide the best customer experiences have mastered this level of collaboration. How do they do it? We’ll share case studies, tips, and best practices you can use to bust down silos and start collaborating effectively.