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Webinar: Develop Your Analytical Reading Skills to Understand What Customers Are Really Asking 

September 30, 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Webinar: Develop Your Analytical Reading Skills to Understand What Customers Are Really Asking

Your customers are not professional writers. When they contact your Customer Care team, their emails and chats can be confusing, or even incoherent. To figure out what they need and how to solve their problems, you must know how to read analytically, to go beyond the surface meaning and understand the customers’ intent and goal.

With so many written channels to handle—email, chat, social media, text, ratings & reviews, forums, and more—you need even sharper analytical reading skills today than ever before. Your customers’ incoming written communications present a wide range of lengths, styles, and emotions – making reading carefully, the key to responding properly and fully.

This webinar will use real examples of written communication with customers to define analytical reading. You’ll learn what happens to service quality when frontline agents fail to read analytically. You’ll also build respect for this reading skill when you learn why analytical reading is so difficult to do, especially in a Customer Care organization.

We will then turn our focus to improving agents’ analytical reading skills. I will share simple, effective training techniques that will provide remedial help for agents who are really struggling and refresher support for agents whose reading skills are adequate or even good.

Finally, we will explore whether you could be unintentionally making it harder for your frontline support agents to read analytically and how to stop creating these obstacles.

You will learn:

  • Why analytical reading matters for Customer Care teams
  • What analytical reading looks like in practice
  • How to improve frontline agents’ analytical reading skills

This session will include two hands-on training activities that you can use with your own Customer Care agents to improve their analytical reading skills:

  • The Team Read-Around
  • Reverse-Engineer a Customer’s Email



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