David Kay’s Entry in the “Office Plant” E-mail Contest

by | Mar 2, 2010 | Writing Matters Blog

To: All Staff 
From: Facilities 
Subject: Taking Care of your Plants

Well-maintained plants make our office environment more pleasant, but neglected plants look bad, smell bad, and invite pests.  We’ve noticed some unhealthy plants in the office, and have received complaints about bug infestations.  

You’re responsible for taking care of your plants.  Here are some

  • Limit yourself to one or two plants per office
  • Pick low-maintenance plants such as those on this list
  • Don’t overwater–plants in the office require less water than plants at home 
  • Check your plants weekly, and discard or replace those that aren’t healthy
As a last resort, Facilities will remove diseased or buggy plants and cite their owners.  Please contact us for help before that happens.


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