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With Only Seven Words, You Can Help Someone Who’s Struggling

July 1, 2020

You do not need to know how to recognize a mental health condition to help someone with one. You don’t need to know that someone is low or depressed to create a connection that enables them to cope, and maybe even begin recover. All you need to do is create the opportunity to listen.

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In Unusual Times, Replace the Usual Customer Service Phrases

April 6, 2020

On a typical day, most customers will understand what you mean even if you use less-than-graceful words when you speak or write. But these aren’t typical days. The usual customer service phrases can make your anxious customers even less patient and more emotional. These phrases can also make your company seem clueless. Here’s a list of six customer service phrases your team should probably avoid.

20 Ways to Empathize With Stressed Out Customers

March 20, 2020

These are difficult times, and our anxious customers need us more than ever. Whether they need help completing a simple task or solving a complex problem, all of them need our empathy. But empathy isn’t easy. So I’ve pulled together this list of 20 ways to empathize with stressed out customers.

My Very Own Crystal Ball: Four Must-Have Writing Skills for Customer Service Agents of the Future

January 31, 2020

My crystal ball tells me the future of customer service writing is “the same but more.” Customers’ need for quick, correct, helpful service will be the same, but changes in technology will cause customers to expect more. Frontline customer service agents need great writing skills today, and they’ll need even stronger and more flexible writing skills in the future. Read on to learn which skills they’ll need …