Course – Writing Customer-Focused E-Mail and Chat

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Excellent customer service e-mail and chat mean more than writing mechanically correct e-mail. To elevate your e-mail from adequate to excellent, you must write responses that solve your customers’ problems and make them feel valued. In this day-long course, participants will learn how to write e-mail that clearly answers the customer’s questions. They’ll learn how to read between the lines to identify and solve the customer’s problem. They’ll learn how to customize and integrate automated responses into their e-mail response. Participants will learn the importance of tone and learn quick techniques for personalizing e-mail to build customer loyalty.

Using writing samples based on your company’s customer service e-mails, participants will review, revise and write customer-focused e-mail. Feedback from instructors will reinforce writing skills.

As a result of this course, participants will learn

* The traits of excellent customer service e-mail
* How to quickly compose responsive customer service e-mail
* How to identify customer questions and make sure the response answers ALL the questions
* How to write e-mail that solves the customer’s problem
* How to write with a polite and positive tone and how to personalize e-mail to make customers feel valued
* How to incorporate automated responses into an e-mail reply so that the e-mail clearly answers the customer’s questions
* How to review their own e-mail responses for clarity and correctness
* How to respond to web-generated chat


* Read sample customer service e-mail to develop a list of the traits of well-written e-mail
* Find the questions a customer is asking in sample e-mail and write a response that answers the questions and solves the customer’s problem
* Write tailored e-mail responses that combine new writing with automated responses
* Write e-mail with a polite, positive and personal tone
* Practice techniques for writing quick responses
* Use headings to organize a complicated response
* Use E-WRITE’s customized e-mail message template to write effective e-mail
* Review principles of concise writing and basic punctuation rules
* Practice writing responses for a web-generated chat session


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