E-Mail Communication: How Do Brand Name Retailers Stack Up?

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This webinar was presented live on June 7, 2011 for the Contact Center Association.

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Webinar Description
Contact center managers usually gather lots of data on how many e-mails agents answer per hour or day, but few know how well their agents write to customers. This webcast will present a case study in e-mail quality. We’ll compare how well six big-name retailers – Amazon.com, Buy.com, Overstock.com. Sears, Toys R Us and Walmart – answered the same customer question.

Join E-WRITE’s Leslie O’Flahavan, noted expert on customer service e-mail and author of Clear, Correct, Concise E-Mail: A Writing Workbook for Customer Service Agents, as she compares the e-mail responses in the case study and evaluates:

  • Response time: How long did the customer wait for the e-mail reply?
  • Tone: How friendly was the agent? Did the tone of the writing build rapport between the customer and the company?
  • First contact resolution: Did the agent answer the customer’s question completely?
  • Clear writing: Is the writing concise, correct, and complete?
  • Other sources of help: Did the answer include a phone number and links to the FAQs or knowledgebase?


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