How to Develop Editorial Guidelines for Your Wiki

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Wikis have become a popular tool for storing and creating knowledge. Companies use wikis to enable collaboration among far-flung teams, to manage meetings, or to develop presentations.  Some companies have even replaced their dead-end intranets with thriving wikis. But all wikis come with a level of risk: if everyone can contribute, will the content be valuable?  Will it be accurate? Because the essence of a wiki is the quality and readability of content, wiki content authors must be given writing guidelines, so the wiki they create will provide long-term value.

During this workshop, we’ll review wiki samples and react to wiki editorial guidelines developed by other companies. You’ll be invited to bring sample of your company’s wiki as well as your questions about writing wiki content.

What you will learn:

  • how to develop wiki editorial guidelines that cover content organization issues such as creating categories and naming articles
  • how to develop guidelines that cover linking, attribution, tone, and scannability
  • how to publish wiki editorial guidelines
  • how to get content authors to follow the editorial guidelines

What you will receive:

  • Wiki samples to help you learn what topics wiki editorial guidelines must cover
  • A high-level outline of editorial guidelines that you can customize for your wiki
  • A resource list detailing wiki content best practices

Course length: half day


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